HEALTH FIT Women’s Diabetic & Orthopedic Slippers Flip Flop


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  • Closure: Pull On
  • Shoe Width: Medium
  • These slippers can help to improve blood circulation. The improved blood circulation can help in restoring the lost sensation of feet due to neuropathy.
  • · The footwear are specially designed to provide comfort in diabetic feet, low back pain, spinal problems, corns, bunions, cracks, anaesthetic foot, calcaneal spurs, calluses, Heel Pain,etc.
  • ·  The insole of the footwear are made using flexible, soft and feather-light MCP/MCR (Micro Cellular Polymer) material with bounce back memory to give relief and comfort from painful foot conditions
  • · HEALTH FIT Slippers for Women are also mostly used by Pregnant women and women suffering with Leg, Knee, Foot and Ankle Pain and are also known as Doctor Slipper for Women Soft, Relax Slippers for Women, Patient Slippers, and Sugar Patient Slippers for Women
  • Medicated Soft Slippers, Stylish Flip-Flops With Sparkling Look, Anti-Skid And Adjustable Slipper, Lightweight And Durable Chappal


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